While most consumers know the fundamentals of HVAC, some of those familiar with it wonder why it’s still necessary, and some ask themselves why they’re even necessary. Is¬†HVAC Dayton Ohio¬†maintenance worth the extra cash? HVAC services that keep your equipment in good working order to help you avoid expensive repairs or have the potential to prevent or fix costly system failures.


The basic premise of HVAC is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are interconnected by a network of ducts, refrigerants, and other equipment. These systems and equipment must be maintained regularly and serviced to ensure efficient operation and efficient use of energy. One service that many homeowners forget to request is HVAC maintenance, and while the air conditioning unit itself is not a part of the HVAC system, heating and cooling systems often require regular checks and adjustments to keep everything in good working order. Without these services, problems can build up and cause HVAC units to malfunction.

One service that most HVAC basics take for granted is the proper ventilation of the entire building. It’s a big job, but one that HVAC contractors are well trained to complete. Proper ventilation ensures that the heating and cooling systems inside the home are working properly, keeping everyone comfortable. It’s also a good idea to have vents cleaned periodically to prevent asthma attacks and other respiratory issues from developing.

Most HVAC services center around duct cleaning and maintenance. If you’re thinking about upgrading your HVAC system, you should consider having the entire ventilation system replaced. The ducts that bring indoor air into the house and remove outdoor air are often the source of poor air quality within a building. An efficient system removes contaminants and allergens, helping everyone breathe cleaner air. The systems that are best for duct cleaning and maintenance include air purifying units and heat pump exhaust fans.

Other HVAC services commonly performed include insulation and air conditioning repair. These services are often necessary when a structure has an excessive amount of heat or cold air. Insulation, which is a blanket that traps air, is used to keep the interior of a building cooler in warmer months and warmer in the cooler months. Air conditioning, which is the process of pumping heated or cooled air through the HVAC systems, improves indoor air quality by eliminating moisture and humidifiers. These services should be completed regularly in order to maintain comfort needs.

A common HVAC maintenance tip is to check the refrigerant level in heating systems. A buildup of moisture in the ductwork allows condensation to form and freeze on heating coils. When this happens, it decreases the efficiency of the HVAC system and can make it difficult to control the temperature inside a building. A buildup of moisture is also a contributor to the corrosion of pipes, which can significantly shorten the life of a heating system. Proper refrigerant levels help to prevent these issues from arising and help to ensure the efficient operation of an HVAC system.

Humidification is another service that many HVAC services perform. An excessive amount of moisture in the indoor air can contribute to a variety of respiratory illnesses including asthma. Since a large number of HVAC systems rely on water vapor for their operation, a buildup of moisture in heating and cooling systems can create the perfect breeding ground for various types of mold. A humidifier, which provides moist air, can be used to eliminate the mold spores in the air and reduce overall humidity. This can significantly improve the comfort levels in a home and reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions. This type of maintenance is often recommended for commercial buildings and large apartment complexes.

These are just a few services that HVAC maintenance offers to customers. It is extremely important for a HVAC service company to understand each customer’s individual needs and to customize an individual HVAC maintenance plan to address each issue. This means contacting the heating and cooling service company in your area and asking them to review your air conditioning equipment maintenance plan and suggest any additional preventive maintenance services that could help to extend the life of your HVAC system and avoid costly problems in the future. A thorough HVAC maintenance plan will also allow your heating and cooling company to identify potential HVAC problems and the tools necessary to repair or replace certain parts of your HVAC equipment.